Who we are and what we do


There are dozens of platforms today that offer siloed solutions for either businesses or for the parents. However there is no solution on the market today that offers a singular platform that gives to the parents a way to stay connected to all of their children's activities, and communicate to other parents, while offering the businesses a way to engage parents, grow their community and simplify their back office operations.

Business Pain - Waist of time and money - businesses use up to 10 different platforms to communicate to customers and have no ability to pull insights and statistics from these non-integrated platforms.

Parent Pain - Hard time relating to their children (not knowing what exactly is happening at the activities where their children go), or communicating to the teachers/instructors (finding schedules or updates about their children performance) or other parents. (setting up playdates and carpools)

Business PRM Solution

PRM (Parent Relationship Management) by allows you to centralize multiple streams of communication you are using now, into one single platform.

  1. Create a message and have it posted to the news feed, Facebook, and even have it go out as an SMS with a single click.
  2. Break down your customers into separate groups/classes and create more targeted communications.
  3. Share pictures and files and be certain that they will always be easy to find for your customers.
  4. Manage your members, see their engagement metrics, best times to communicate and identify your super-parents.
  5. Post job openings to the largest network of parents and get better results for fraction of the cost.

Parent Solution - For your customers (the parents) it is a single social platform that is like no other

  1. Parents can stay engaged with all of the activities their kids are involved in though one single mobile accessible platform.
  2. Research and find new activities around their neighborhood
  3. Connect to other parents to set up play dates and birthday parties
  4. And much more...

Teacher Solution - For your teachers we have a unique in-class solution

  1. Check in and out kids from the classroom/group.
  2. Class Blast gives you an option to send parents of the entire class updates and pictures.
  3. Personal is a one on one communication that gives teachers the ability to update one or both parents with information or pictures
  4. And much more

Outstanding Support

We are looking forward to working with our customers to make their experience outstanding. You can call our US based office and talk to a live person or file a ticket for timely resolution.